Board of Directors

Meet the Team

Our team of volunteers represent a wide range of backgrounds--grain industry, education, government, business, and the arts to name a few. We are always looking for good people with an interest in elevators and their work. Contact us for more info.


Board of Directors


  • President: Robert J. Paterson
  • Vice-president: Herb Daniher
  • Treasurer: Dr. Ernie Epp
  • Secretary: Nancy Perozzo
  • Director: Jim Ball




  • Kathleen Baleja                      Gerry Heinrichs
  • Jim Ball                                    Kathy Ball
  • Rick Bevilacqua                     Herb Daniher
  • Robert Paterson                     Ernie Epp
  • Doug Clark                              Ann Donaldson
  • Bill Reist                                  Batia Stolar
  • Charla Robinson                    Maurice Mailhot
  • Penny Stradeski                     Pritan Lamba
  • Nancy Perozzo