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Richardson Current River


Constructed in 1927 at Current River, United Grain Growers was situated beside the previous UGG elevator known as Grain Growers Elevator H, an elevator UGG sold shortly after. Supervised by C.D. Howe, the construction of UGG established the world record for the fastest construction of a building of this kind. The elevator design incorporated 500 storage bins with a capacity of 30,000 bushels per bin which would fit 15 box cars or 9 tanker cars. At the time, the project was valued at $2,000,000 and the final cost of the building permit ended up being $601,000. One of the greatest setbacks ever experienced by  the elevator came in the form of a tidal wave in 1959, which was caused when the lakehead storage annex entered Lake Superior. The resulting damage to the elevator alonewas estimated at roughly $4.5 million dollars and approximately 3.5 million bushels of grain was lost to Lake Superior. Thankfully, no lives were lost.

Eventually, UGG was bought out by Agricore where the latter absorbed the former. Once the defunct elevator was no longer in use, it was eventually repurposed into the current day Richardson Current River.



Date of Opening:



Initial Owner:

Current Owner:



C.D. Howe

C.D. Howe (Supervised)

United Grain Growers




Initial Railway Service:

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231,000 tonnes


Canadian Pacific





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