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Viterra A


Vittera A, previously known as Saskatchewan Pool #7 and owned by the namesake, is a longstanding elevator that officially opened in October of 1928. Currently under the ownership of Glencore, the elevator was quoted as having a storage capacity of 7,200,000 bushels, making it one of the world's largest single unit elevators at the time. The elevator's design was engineered by the consulting business known as C.D. Howe and Company, who had previously designed at least one elevator each year for the previous twelve years, whereas the actual construction was performed by Barnett-McQueen and took 6 months to complete. At the time of completion, Pool #7 was quoted by Howe as being "1100 feet tall and 100 feet wide", in addition to possessing annexes and workhouses that were 125 feet and 210 feet high respectively.

Today, the elevator still operates as Viterra A, under the ownership of Glencore, at 609 Maureen St. More information can be found at

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Date of Opening:



Initial Owner:

Current Owner:



C.D. Howe and Co.


Saskatchewan Wheat Pool




Initial Railway Service:

Geographic Coordinates:



7,200,000 bushels (As pool #7)


Canadian Pacific

48.414380504878636, -89.22140803188086



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