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Constructed in 1923 and designed to be identical to the the Stewart Elevator, the Bawlf elevator featured a working house of 94x63 feet, 23 round storage tanks, 17 outerspace bins, and 15 interspace bins for with a capacity of 250,000 bushels for a total capacity of 1,250,000 bushels of grain. Thanks to six receiving hoppers and three train tracks, Bawlf was able to maintain 125 receiving cars per day. Equipped with receiving scales that could handle 2000 bushels per hour, Bawlf could also handle an additional 12,000 bushels an hour thanks to two 30-inch belts and two rows of 7.5x7.5-inch buckets. The elevator was also equipped with several grain separators and was powered via a station located in Nipigon. Bawlf saw several additions over the years, but the biggest change came in 1957 when Canada Malting added a $4,000,000 expansion that would result in ownership of the elevator.

Today, Canada Malting, located at 579 Maureen Street, is able to support 125,000 tonnes of barley, which it ships all across eastern North America. Outside of barley receival, Canada Malting's facility also engages in steeping, germination, kilning, and shipping. A deeper look
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C.D. Howe

Carter, Halls, and Aldinger


Canada Malting Co. Limited.



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125,000 tonnes.


Canadian Pacific

48° 24' 52.1892''

89° 13' 41.1816''



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