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Canadian Grain Commission

Site of early Board of Grain Commission office in Fort William.

Site of early Board of Grain Commission office in Fort William.

Protecting Canadian Grain System

Established in 1912 as the Board of Grain Commissioners, the CGC came into being to protect Canadian grain farmers and ensure product quality for our customers. For over 100 years, the staff--which included inspectors, weighers, auditors, researchers and others--continues to meet these objectives.

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9 x 7, b & w photo of the Governo Del Dominio Del Canada food products exhibit, June 15 to July 15 1932, no location given on photo but attached note indicated Bologna, Italy. Bilancio della Fiera-Exposizione

The Canadian Government grain display in Bologna, Italy 1932.

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Sampler Taking Sample inside Boxcar scan0027

A Canadian Grain Commission grain sampler uses a grain probe in a wooden boxcar.

8 x 10, b & w photo of grain samplers holding their sampling stabbers, 1914ID Number Box 1, Item 110

Canadian Grain Commission grain samplers holding sampling probes. Photo taken in 1914.

8 x 10, b & w, showing what appears to be foreign trade mission from the far east. ID # Box 3, Item 497

A Canadian Grain Commission employee showing grain samples to a foreign delegation.

8 x 10, b & w photo showing men inspecting samples. May be the group that set standards each year.

A sampling committee viewing grain samples.

No date. 5 x 7 b & w photo, CGC ID # Box 1, Item 127

Three Canadian Grain Commission employees posing in front of the CGC touring van.

8 x 10, b & w, showing inspector bending over sample, likely Wpg

A Canadian Grain Commission inspector at work doing a visual inspection of a grain sample. Inspection offices were always situated near bright natural light.

8 x 10 b & w, showing sampler climbing ladder to enter car. He is holding a piece of cloth that appeared on top of the grain in a previous slide. What is the cloth for?

A Canadian Grain Commission sampler on his way into a boxcar with a sampling probe. He is holding onto what was called a "grain door" that all grain boxcars were fitted with.

5 x 7, b & w photo, October 1953, ID Number Box 1, Item 123

A Canadian Grain Commission weighman using manual scales on the elevator hopper. Photo taken in 1953.

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Inspection Lab Winnipeg with V Martens scan0016-min

A group of Canadian Grain Commission inspectors at work doing visual inspections at the Winnipeg Inspection Lab.

Canadian Grain Commission Lab Sample Sacks scan0017-min

A Canadian Grain Commission employee standing next to large grain sample bags. The man holds a sampling probe. You can see the holes along the probe that grain falls into when the parts of the probe are twisted.

FOGE_CGC Brian Storry-Colin Nacey-Mike Jaroway No Date_027

Canadian Grain Commission employees Brian Storry, Colin Nacey, and Mike Jaroway among the shelves of grain sample tins.

Canadian Grain Commission Display scan0014-min

Photo of a Canadian Grain Commission display.

Canadian Grain Commission Display with V Martens scan0015-min

Photo of a Canadian Grain Commission display with V. Martens.

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Inspectors scan0018-min

Canadian Grain Commission inspectors demonstrating a visual inspection.

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Milling scan0019-min

A Canadian Grain Commission employee using a grain milling machine. A variety of tests like this were performed on grain samples to determine their quality.

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Research Lab Chemical Testing scan0021-min

A Canadian Grain Commission employee doing chemical testing in the Grain Research Lab.

Canadian Grain Commission Samplers Entering Grain Cars showing boxcar doors scan0025-min

Multiple Canadian Grain Commission samplers entering wooden boxcars with sampling probes.

FOGE_Sam Rudyk middle with Russian Delegation_030

Sam Rudyk (middle) with a Russian delegation. In the grain industry's early years, Russia was one of Canada's major customers.

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