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Photos of the Grain Trade

black and white men pouring matt

At one time the Lakehead grain industry employed over 3000 people in various aspects of the trade. Grain handling and shipping were front and centre in citizens' minds--and they took pictures. Sadly, these photos are disappearing along with memories.We want to halt this loss, so we began a photo collection. The collection includes elevator construction, elevator workers, elevators, elevator equipment, ships, and railcars going to elevators. You get the idea. If you have an individual photo to share or a collection you think we would be interested in, please contact us.

Elevator Construction


Davidson and Smith under construction

Davidson and Smith

black and white image contructing the trestle

B Horne Trestle

Sask Coop 5 under construction

Saskatchewan Cooperative 5

building the elevator black and white

Dominion of Canada


Dominion of Canada

Grain Trade Workers

group image of over 20 people with hard-hats on in front of grain elevator

Eastern Richardson Workers

Grain shovellers group photo

Grain Handlers

inspectors inspecting grain

Grain Inspectors

Onchulenko_Aboard Rockcliff Hall Port Arthur July 1961 Grain_103

Shoveling Grain

black and white image of the dist floor

Pouring to Distributing Bins

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Sampler in Boxcar with Grain Probe scan0031

Grain Sampler

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) Grain Sampler in Boxcar with Grain Probe

8 x 10, b & w photo of grain samplers holding their sampling stabbers, 1914ID Number Box 1, Item 110

Grain Samplers 1914

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) Grain Samplers Holding Sampling Stabbers 1914

8 x 10, b & w, showing what appears to be foreign trade mission from the far east. ID # Box 3, Item 497

Canadian Grain Commission and Foreign Delegates

Canadian Grain Commission Grain showing Samples to Foreign Delegation

8 x 10, b & w photo showing men inspecting samples. May be the group that set standards each year.

Canadian Grain Commission Sampling Comittee

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Inspectors scan0018-min

Grain Inspectors

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) Grain Inspectors

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Milling scan0019-min

Grain Milling

Canadian Grain Commission Grain Research Lab Chemical Testing scan0021-min

Grain Research Lab Chemical Testing

Share Photos 1 DSC_9189

Elevator Equipment

moisture meter

Moisture Meter

Onchulenko_Pool 7A_078

Grain Pouring

Cheryl Prokosh CGC DSC_9797


Annex Belts

Annnex Belts


Annex Belts

car shed in elevator

Car Shed

Cleaner Deck

Cleaner Deck


Distributing Floor


Searle Scales

office floor scale and bin chart

Bin Chart

office with computer and chart

Office and computer system

bin tops

Bin Tops





old wooden drive wheel

Old Wodden Drive Wheel

2 2000lbs weight to test scales on the floor

Weights to test scales




dumper hopper

Leg Dumper Hopper


Cleaner on distributing floor

annex moving grain

Reliance Annex

Churchill 2

Churchill 6

Voices Directory

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