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Richardson Current River "UGG A"

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richardsons current river "UGG" thunder bay ontario elevator plans drawing

A digital rendering of Richardson Current River, made in July 2019.

full elevator from water

A wide view of the newly re-opened Richardson Current River, taken from the water.

behind photo, close up of elevator with red boat docked on the left

A view of Richardson Current River loading a ship, taken from the air looking towards the lake.

front of elevator taken from the water

A photo from when this terminal was Agricore United A. The structure that extends the length of the elevator is the rail trestle that holds the unloaded cars until they are ready to be pulled back out. A pellet plant on the left-hand side of the image stands on the Alberta Pool 9 lot.

side of elevator from water

A wide view of Agricore United A's loading side, taken from the water.

image of back of elevator in the grass with "Agricore United" sign attached

A photo of Agricore United A's inland annex, taken from what is now Fisherman's Park. A ship is docked and loading in the slip.

photo of thunder bay waterfront with the terminal elevator and red boat docked beside it

An aerial view of Richardson Current River with a ship docked and rail cars unloading. Pool 4A's workhouse is visible to the right-hand side. Another ship can be seen further out in the harbour just beyond the protective breakwater.

coloured terminal elevator on water

An older photo of UGG A taken before it was repainted. A string of boxcars sits on the rail trestle after unloading. The next-door lot that used to hold Alberta Pool 9 is now vacant.

close up of "Agricore United" sign on elevator

A close-up photo of the Agricore United A sign on the terminal's inland annex.

photo of train and city taken from window of elevator

A view of the car shed taken from UGG A's annex floor looking inland. Trains consist of both older boxcars and newer hopper cars. The terminal's pellet plant stands on the lot where Alberta Pool 9 once was to the left.

overhead of the city and elevator with water

A photo of the pellet plant that was erected next to UGG A after Alberta Pool 9 was demolished. An active Pool 4A is visible across the slip. Cars are also busy unloading in the UGG A car shed.

image of the back of the elevator with "Agricore United" painted to the back and two trains stationed beside it

Hopper cars line up to be unloaded at Agricore United A.

elevator taken from sky with city, boat, and water pictured

An aerial view of Thunder Bay's North End grain terminals. Richardson Current River is loading a ship. Pool 4A, Pool 4B, and a greatly expanded Richardson Main stand in behind. A bit further in the right-hand background stands the historic Pool 2.

black and white image of elevator with "United Grain Growers" sign

A photo of the terminal from when it was UGG A, taken from the water to show the huge 'United Grain Growers' sign. Rail cars wait on the trestle after unloading. The outshore annex of this terminal would collapse into the lake in 1959 and have to be entirely rebuilt.

black and white close up of "United Grain Growers" sign on front of elevator

A close-up photo of the 'United Grain Growers' sign on the terminal's outshore annex.

black and white image of terminal elevator on the watefront

Another wide-view of UGG A after loading a large ship. Photo taken from the water. The end of Alberta Pool 9's annex is visible behind UGG A's annex.

black and white image of terminal elevator on water

A wide-view photo of UGG A loading a ship. The annexes of the nearby Alberta Pool 9 and Saskatchewan Pool 4A are visible in the left-hand background. Photo taken from the water.

Sask A & B, Alberta, UGG A

A photo of the Current River elevators taken from the air looking towards Nanabijou (the Sleeping Giant). From left to right, the busy terminals are UGG A, Alberta Pool 9, and Saskatchewan Pool 4A and 4B.

black and white image of elevator

An old photo of UGG A taken from the air. The small Alberta Pool 9 stands to the left. Two ships are in the UGG A slip, and unloaded boxcars are visible on the rail trestle to the left.


An engineering plan of UGG A made by CD Howe Company.

UNITED GRAIN GROWERS A Trestle Paterson Archives 8116

A close up view of the outshore rail trestle at UGG A with emptied rail cars on the tracks. Photo from the Paterson archives.

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