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Richardson Main "Eastern Terminal"

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A digital rendering of the modern Richardson Main terminal, made in 2019.

elevator with boat docked at night - lights glowing

A winter scene of Richardson Main loading the ship Voyager Pioneer.

group image of over 20 people with hard-hats on in front of grain elevator

Richardson Main labourers posing in front of the terminal and the Algowood.

eastern-richardson flag in grass surrounded by trees and rocks

A Richardson International flag standing tall in the park next to Richardson Main terminal.

black and white boats being doked

A wide view of Richardson Main with several ships in its slip, taken from inland.

birds eye view of city with relevaotr and lake on the bottom right side of black and white image

An aerial view of the Current River elevators. Richardson Main is closest in the foreground, with Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 4A and 4B, Alberta Pool 9, and UGG A behind. In the left foreground are two long warehouses that were used as temporary storage during WWII.

water with elevator in top half of black and white image

A wide view of Richardson Main with its newest concrete annex on the right-hand side. A ship is docked near the back of the slip.

black and white image of water in lower portion and the elevator in the top third

Richardson Main's inshore annexes with a ship docked in the slip. Photo taken from shore.

black and white image of elevator with ship docked

An early photo of Richardson Main when it only had one annex. Several ships, including the Lake Ikatan, sit in the slip.

red elevator with ship docked and snow covering the frozen lake

The Algowest loading at Richardson terminal at the opening of the shipping season. Along the dock, rubber bumpers are visible--these keep ships a distance away from some immovable rocks below.

large red elevator with train in front and grass with a bit of snow covering

A photo of Richardson Main with its full complement of annexes. The most recent addition is the inland-most annex in the foreground.

red siding of elevator

A side view of Richardson Main's loading spouts. The elevator was painted this bright orange and yellow in the 1980s.

elevator with image taken from lake

A view of Richardson terminal taken from the water looking inland. Remnants of the orange and yellow paint are visible on the workhouse, but the annexes have been repainted. The workhouse for Pool 4B is visible to the right.

elevator in background over the lake

A wide view of the full orange and yellow Richardson terminal. UGG A's annex sticks out in behind.


An engineering plan of Richardson Main made by CD Howe Company.

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