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Saskatchewan Pool 4B

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black and white overall image of elevator

Pool 4B's workhouse and annex under construction. Galleries connect the new elevator to its neighbour, Pool 4A. Construction for Richardson terminal is visible on the right.

black and white top of elevator being built

An aerial view of Pool 4B's concrete bins being poured with the slipform technique.

black and white inside of elevator - a hallway area with a staircase on the top right corner

An interior view of one of the floors in Pool 4B's workhouse.

black and white inside of elevator with ropes and pully system for the legs

Part of Pool 4B's rope drive system that ran the terminal's machinery.

black and white inside of elevator - reclaim belts

One of Pool 4B's large conveyor belts. Notice the grain dust accumulation on the machinery before strict dust control measures were implemented in the 1970s.

black and white inside of the elevator on the bin floor with opened bins and grain overflowing the circular openings

An interior view of Pool 4B's open-top bins piled high with grain. In the bottom left-hand corner, notice how the space between bins (called the interspace bins) was also used for grain storage.

black and white image of the inside of the elevator - first floor with cleaners

An interior view of Pool 4B's machinery in the workhouse.

black and white image of the inner part of the elevator - showcasing the distributing floor with the turnheads

A photo of Pool 4B's distribution floor. Workers would swing the large spouts to match up with one of the small circular hatches on the floor. The small hatches all opened onto different storage bins below.

black and white elevator with wodden railway across the bottom third of the image and a man standing on the tracks

Pool 4B's workhouse, annex, and carshed under construction. Pool 4A's workhouse is visible on the left, and 4A's annex is visible behind 4B's car shed.

black and white backside of the elevator

A photo of Pool 4B almost completed; only the upper workhouse is left under construction.

black and white image of elevator with train coming in on the left

Another angle of the last stages of Pool 4B's construction. In the bottom left corner, boxcars enter Pool 4A's carshed to be unloaded. The completed Richardson terminal is visible in the right-hand background.

colour image of the elevator in the grass with a bright blue cloudy sky

A more current photo of Pool 4B, which has an additional annex extending inland. Pool 4A's workhouse and two huge annexes are visible in behind. The pair of terminals are currently sitting abandoned.

black and white, top half of elevator destroyed due to explosion - pieces of the elevator on the ground in bits in the lower-third. note with "Explosion at Pool Nob Elevator Port Arthur Ont . Aug 7 1945"

The aftermath of a dust explosion at Pool 4B on August 7, 1945. Starting in the basement when a spark ignited grain dust, the explosion travelled up through the workhouse and blew out the upper floors. 22 lives were lost and 30 people were severely injured. The terminal had to be totally rebuilt.


An engineering plan for Pool 4A and 4B made by CD Howe Company.

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