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Manitoba Pool 3 "Reliance"

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train going past elevator

A view of Pool 3 (right) and Canada Malting (left) taken looking inland. Unloaded rail cars sit on the rail trestle at Pool 3.

elevators on the port

A view of three Intercity terminals. From left to right: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 7B, Canada Malting, and Manitoba Pool 3. Photo taken from the water.

annex moving grain

An interior view of Pool 3's annex floor. Grain moves quickly along the conveyor belts to be stored in bins.

manitoba pool from the side

A wide view of Pool 3 in the winter taken from shore.

reliance tubs in colour

A full view of Pool 3 with its five free-standing steel storage tanks intact. A ship is docked and loading in its slip. These tanks were totally dismantled when the terminal closed. Canada Malting is visible to the left.

steel tanks being crushed

A photo of Pool 3's steel tanks being demolished in the winter after the terminal closed down.

reliance before the addition

An old photo of the original Reliance Terminal before Manitoba Pool took over and built an outshore annex.


An engineering plan of Pool 3 made by CD Howe Company.

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