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Superior "Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator"

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e;evator with bright contrasting cloudy sky

A view of the Superior workhouse along the slip, with the annex in behind. This "L-shaped" configuration of structures became a popular terminal design across the waterfront.

grand trunk from the side with port on the right

A wide view of the Superior terminal taken from the air. A ship loads at the end of the dock using a loading gallery because the water is too shallow closer to the shore. Rail cars wait on the tracks to be unloaded.

grand trunk office relfecting into the port water

A modern storage addition to the Superior terminal on the inland side of the property.

port overview with ship docked in port

An aerial view of the Mission River terminals. Superior (left) is loading a huge ship with its loading gallery. G3 terminal stands in behind to the right.

elevator to the left and port to the right with ship docked

Another angle of Superior terminal loading a ship with its loading gallery.

traintracks in the bushes with arms and lights in evening time

Another view of the Superior loading gallery with a ship below. The grain is elevated along this series of enclosed conveyor belts and then emptied through spouts onto the ships.

older image with port and sleeping giant in the background

A winter scene of the full Superior terminal. A ship sits in the slip and rail cars wait to be unloaded on the tracks. G3 terminal is visible in behind Superior.

elevator with reflection in the water

A side view of Cargill with a ship loading at the far end of the slip using the loading gallery.

elevator with train stationed to left and parking lot with cars - boat docked in the port on the right

A view of Cargill terminal taken from inland. A ship loads from the loading gallery, and rail cars wait to be unloaded. The old green Cargill signs are visible on the terminal's various buildings.

other side of elevator with lake to the left

A view of Cargill terminal taken from the end of the slip looking inland. The beige annexes belong to the next-door G3 terminal.

black and white image of lake and arms and trunk dredging up the port

A close up view of the loading gallery at Superior terminal. Each level of the gallery has a long spout that reaches back down to the ships. A dredge works in the slip so ships can dock safely.

grand trunk logo on side of the elevator building

A close up view of the Superior workhouse wall facing the annex. The outline of the old "Grand Trunk Pacific" sign is still visible.

black and white elevator contruction work

An early construction photo of the Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator. Wooden crib framing and reinforced concrete was used throughout the terminal. Photo taken June 1, 1909.


An engineering plan of Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator made by CD Howe Company.

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